Rather than wasting time and energy packing and unpacking each day, worrying about making it to your destination without getting lost, etc., our fixed base riding offers out-and-back or loop rides over varying but moderate terrain, returning to our hotel in the early to mid-afternoon each day.

We have designed the rides in a way that appeals to both non-climbers and climbers. The ride rating on our base rides for non-climbers is 2 (BAC rating 2B), while for climbers it is 3 (BAC rating 3B). 

Our base rides, oriented towards non-climbers, will range from 35 to 45 miles and include 1500-2500 feet of climbing. Those who favor climbing will be able to extend the base ride, adding both distance (10-15 miles) and vertical gain (1000-2000 feet). None of the daily rides offers terrain that differs from the norms described above, although the Ride Director and/or Ride Co-Director can direct you to more challenging climbs and descents if you wish. 

All roads we will ride on are paved, and consideration has been given to avoiding high traffic areas. GPS tracks, maps and cue sheets of the suggested daily cycling route will be available well in advance of the departure date and can be discussed with your Cycling Friends, LLC Ride Director and/or Ride Co-Director. Plan to make a few stops, sampling the quaint Italian coffee and pastry shops and enjoying lunch in one of the many small eateries along the way. You may also want to visit some of the many bike shops in this area, frequented by numerous local cyclists. You are welcome to join one or two group led rides each riding day that will follow the ride schedule published on our private ride website for participants only.