Cyclists on our trips with non-cycling partners need not fear of a lack of things for the non-cyclist to enjoy in the area. It is also possible to rent a car locally and drive to many attractions close by. However, Vaison offers a wide range of activities. The Cycling Friends, LLC Ride Director and/or Ride Co-Director can direct you to the Vaison Tourist Office centrally located in modern Vaison. This office has a multitude of information about sights to see in and around the area.

One such activity is Market Day in Vaison. We plan our cycling day off to occur on the day of the market, Tuesday, so all can enjoy. It is a huge regional market and attracts many folks from the surrounding small villages. Fresh food, clothing, books and about anything else you can imagine are available. French markets are known for their high quality of goods and services and the Vaison market is no exception.

Another fun activity very close to the Tourist Office are the Roman Ruins. For a nominal charge you can wander the ruins and experience the reach and breadth of the Roman empire right in downtown Vaison!