Affordable International Cycling Vacations

Have you never considered an international cycling vacation because you thought it was too expensive? Well, you were probably right . . . until NOW! 

Let us introduce you to Cycling Friends, LLC, a new and exciting way to travel internationally and visit beautiful cycling destinations all at a fraction of the cost of most commercial companies. Yes, Affordable International Cycling Vacations is what we are all about.

Compare for yourself. We can beat the price of most commercial touring companies by a minimum of 50% of their price AND, interestingly enough, our trips are nearly twice the duration! We recently surveyed a company with a trip to Provence in France. Per person prices were more than double our price and their duration is 6 days while ours is 10 days. How is this possible?

First of all, Cycling Friends, LLC runs trips that are close to transportation facilities that either service airports or connect you to airports through efficient rail services. Upon arrival at our designated pick up location, you are whisked away by motor coach to our cycling destination generally within one hour’s drive. 

Second, we operate our trips from a fixed base location hotel. In other words, rather than changing hotels daily or even every other day, you will stay at the same hotel the duration of your stay. No more packing and unpacking daily. No more wandering through the countryside trying to find your next destination. Also, no more being forced to ride to the next destination if the weather isn’t cooperating. No problem, you are home safe and sound every night in the same hotel. You get to know the area and the hotel staff taking care of you on a daily basis. In other words, you become a part of the world around you experiencing the local culture rather than skimming over everything.

Third, because we operate out of a single destination we have much better control over the quality of food and beverage services. We have worked with our hotels over the past 10 years to help insure a high level of quality and consistency.

We could go on and on about why our trips are a high value proposition compared to most others. However, we invite you to read carefully the ride description details just below and see for yourself what is included in the trip and what is not included. Compare that to the other operators and you’ll conclude we offer very high value trips at a fraction of the cost. So, the next time someone mentions they would never consider an international cycling experience due to the cost you can tell them to check us out. We are passionate about what we do and you will adopt our byline that Cycling Friends, LLC really does offer Affordable International Cycling Vacations!

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About Us

Syd Smoot
Ride Director

Syd has managed, led and developed highly rated high value cycling trips in France (Provence), Italy (Tuscany & Sicily) and Holland (Amsterdam) since 2008 as a volunteer Ride Director for Bicycle Adventure Club. After leading 26 highly successful trips to these countries, Syd has decided to launch this venture to continue leading his current and new friends on Affordable International Cycling Vacations throughout the world.

A retired information systems professional with USAA in San Antonio, Texas, Syd is very excited about the launch and prospect of Cycling Friends, LLC. In addition to rides already developed, he is looking forward to expanding his repertoire of trips to other countries in Europe and elsewhere. Please stay tuned for future offerings.

Ken Keeler
Ride Co-Director

Ken has been a Ride Co-Director with Syd on the France and Italy trips for the past 7 years. Along with his Ride Co-Director role, Ken also is responsible for coordinating bike rentals for our guests and also serves as our weatherman at our nightly meetings in addition to other duties as assigned.

Ken is a retired federal law enforcement professional living in the Washington, D.C. area. He is a past President of the Annapolis Bicycle Club where he remains active. Ken also is heavily involved in bicycle advocacy groups in the D.C. area. He has proven to be highly valued by our guests and is looking forward to the new venture on futures trips wherever the road may lead us.

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Affordable International Cycling Vacations

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