Ride Description – Sicily

Join us for 10 wonderful days and nights in the beautiful southeast region of Sicily, home of abundant sunshine, brilliant colors, unparalleled history, splendid wines and great local cuisine! Our SPLIT-BASE (i.e. – two FIXED BASES) tour will begin only 3 kilometers from the city of Noto (5 nights) and end in Ragusa Ibla (5 nights), both UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The tour will also take us to several other villages with this same designation to include Siracusa, Modica, Palazzolo Acreide and Scicli, which represent the highest level of artistic and architectural achievement in the Baroque style of the day.

The price of the trip is $1795 USD per person double occupancy and includes the following INCLUSIONS/EXCLUSIONS just below. NOTE there is NO trip registration fee and there are NO payment fees by credit/debit card through PayPal. These fees are paid by Cycling Friends, LLC. A $500 USD deposit per person is required to secure a slot on the trip for each participant. Due date for final payments will be March 1, 2020. If single supplement applies, it will also be collected at the time of final payment due date. Single supplement cost is $500 USD.

Tour pricing is based on a minimum of 20 participants. If the minimum number of participants is not met at least 6 months prior to departure then the trip may be cancelled.

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Our first hotel, 4 Star Villa Favorita, is only 3 kilometers from the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Noto and 3 kilometers from the convergence of the Mediterranean and Ionian Seas. It was established as a holiday house in the 18th century and is surrounded by beautiful trees and gardens. The pool overlooks the city of Noto in the near distance. A visit to Noto is a must for our guests and one of our rides will conclude here! We will spend 5 nights here before riding to our second hotel in Ragusa Ibla.

Our second hotel, 3 Star Il Barocco, located in the heart of Ragusa Ibla, also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is surrounded by Baroque architecture and just 5 minutes from the famous Cathedral of San Giorgio. The hotel is located a very short walk to the promenade of Ragusa Ibla which is packed with excellent restaurants, quaint bars and wonderful shops, not to mention the historical significance of the setting. We will spend 5 nights here.

Arrival and departure for the trip will be at the Catania, Sicily airport. Luxury shuttle transportation will be provided from the Catania airport to our first hotel near Noto, approximately one hour’s distance. Luxury shuttle transportation will also be provided back to the Catania airport from our second hotel in Ragusa Ibla, approximately one and one half hour’s distance. Note there will be only one date and time pickup and drop off per trip and times stated will be prompt. See INCLUSIONS in the COST/ADMIN tab above.

Several options exist in planning your arrival and departure to the Catania airport. However, the recommended approach is by plane from the Rome airport (FCO). To avoid the issue of transporting and storing your own bike, high quality bike rentals will be available. See OTHER INFORMATION tab above. Details on air transport from Rome and rental options may be discussed with the Cycling Friends, LLC Ride Director and/or Ride Co-Director for the tour.

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Congratulations! You will love this trip!

The deposit amount for this trip is $500 USD per person and is due at registration. Please note if there are any allowed discounts these will be deducted at the time of final payment. You will be notified in advance by Cycling Friends, LLC of your final payment amount if different than outlined below.

The balance of $1295USD per person (double occupancy or single with a roommate) or $1795 USD single supplement ($1295 USD + $500 USD = $1795 USD) will be due on or before March 1, 2020. Depending on currency exchange rates, there may be some minor changes in the amount of the final payment but this is unlikely. If this occurs you will be notified in advance by Cycling Friends, LLC.

Please review the 2 steps below for registration and making your deposit.

First, complete the registration form below. Every participant, whether cycling or not, is required to complete the form.

Second, you have two choices for signing the Release of Liability (aka RIDE APPLICATION WAIVER OF LIABILITY, ASSUMPTION OF RISK and INDEMNITY AGREEMENT) and making your deposit payment.

1) You can choose to electronically sign the Release of Liability and make your deposit payment by credit/debit card which flows through PayPal. You do not have to be a PayPal user to make payment. All fees associated with a credit/debit card payment are paid by Cycling Friends, LLC. Note you must do both, electronically sign the Release of Liability and make credit/debit card payment through PayPal or go to option 2) below and complete the process manually. This is your choice.

2) Or you can print the Release of Liability, date and sign it for each participant and then mail it and your deposit check(s) made payable to ‘Cycling Friends, LLC’ to the address below via USPS.

Cycling Friends, LLC
Sicilian Baroque Villages 2020 (please indicate Section attending)
2294 Seven Lakes Drive
Loveland, Colorado 80538 USA

In all cases of payment, whether electronically with a credit/debit card or through the mail, you will receive notification by email that your Release of Liability and check(s) or PayPal payment have arrived safely and been recorded and deposited.

Sicily Registration Form

Every participant, whether cycling or not, must complete the form below and agree to the Terms and Conditions in order to be officially registered for the trip. By agreeing to the Terms and Conditions you are electronically signing the RIDE APPLICATION WAIVER OF LIABILITY, ASSUMPTION OF RISK and INDEMNITY AGREEMENT so please read carefully. For those choosing to print the RIDE APPLICATION WAIVER OF LIABILITY, ASSUMPTION OF RISK and INDEMNITY AGREEMENT and mail along with their deposit checks, you will be presented with this choice after you click on the Submit button below.